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The Bomb is a Thing

Currently the Bomb is still kind of non-existent because everybody can capture goals. That will be changed now.

First of all I prevent anyone from capturing Goals if it isn’t the bomb carrier.
I simply add a check of the player when someone tries to capture:

if (Player.Id != G_BombCarrierId) {
// Not the bomb carrier

Now it’s needed to actually give the bomb to a player so that she/he is able to activate it. This is done when preparing the next round.

I loop through all players of the attacking team and pick one of them based on a few rules.
Each time you carry the bomb timestamp is set. This timestamp is checked when looking for the next carrier so that each player has to carry it at some point.
You will get chosen if:
– You didn’t carry the bomb so far or
– You’re the one that didn’t carry the bomb for the longest duration.

If the team has currently no players the bomb will simply be placed in one of the team’s spawns so that the next joining player can pick it up.

Picking up the bomb? You’ve heard right! That’s the next step.
The most common case in which that will be needed is when the bomb carrier is eliminated.

First lets list all the situation when the bomb gets dropped: It happens every time the bomb carrier…
– Gets eliminated
– Presses backspace
– Switches the team
– Switches to spectator mode
– Leaves the server (not covered yet)

In all of these case I call my new function DropBomb(Player);
It sets the bomb carrier id to NullId and saves the player’s position as the new bomb’s drop position (new global variable).

One note: I check if the given player is the bomb carrier INSIDE the function in order to save some code because this way I don’t have to add the check each time I call the function.

Now the picking up of the bomb!
Whenever the bomb is dropped which is represented by the G_BombCarrierId being NullId I check if a player of the attacking team is close enough to pick it up.

declare Distance = MathLib::Distance(Player.Position, G_BombDropPosition);
if (Distance > C_BombPickUpDistance) {
// Too far away

The Distance function of the MathLib takes two coordinates as Vec3 variables and calculates the distance between them. Easy as that.

Picking up the bomb is possible in a range of 2.5 meters for now, maybe it will be needed to be adjusted. We will see.

#Const C_BombPickUpDistance 2.5

One annoying thing about the current version of the mode is that you can’t really run it without players in each team because the empty team will always instantly lose because its players have been eliminated.
So from now on to win by eliminating there has to be at least one player in the opponent team.

if (ClansNbPlayers[Clan+1] <= 0 || ClansNbPlayersAlive[Clan+1] > 0) {
// No players in the team or not all of them eliminated yet

Two minor things at the end:
1. I’ve added one line which will enable the name tags for the players.


If you take a look at the SM script you will see that this function configures the displaying of name tags and armor gauges which are all deactivated by default.

2. The constant saving the number of bots has been changed to a script setting so that you can easily deactivate them on a server. (The amount of playing bots is updated at the beginning of rounds.)

That’s it for today.
See you next time.

Check the new script version here: Defusing7.Script.txt

Btw: Take a look at the script: It already has 600 lines! And it doesn’t even have any working User Interface yet which will need a LOT more code. ;)