It’s me!

Hello Folks!

Let’s start with an outlook for what you will see on this blog.

I’m always trying to help people wherever I can, so I thought about creating a little project where I share my knowledge so that others can benefit from what I’ve encountered and learned during all the projects I’ve worked on.

The result will hopefully be a page loaded up with finest programming tips and useful information on stuff regarding the ManiaPlanet games, Development, Web Hosting and Life.

Feel free to let me know if you would like to hear something about a specific topic.

I would like to finish this first post with an introduction of myself.
The name steeffeen is based on my real first name ‘Steffen’. Living in Germany and being 21 years old I’ve developed quite some stuff already.
With Pascal, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C and ManiaScript some serious and some less serious projects emerged, like iPhone and iPad Apps or Games that keep you distracted from the lectures you should be listening.

Even though I might not be the experienced developer I hope that my posts will help at least a few of you. ;)


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