Defusing Incoming!

I would like to start a blog series showing you how I usually create a ShootMania game mode using ManiaScript.

Before I started playing ShootMania there were other games which I’ve enjoyed like Age of Empires, Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto. And probably the first First-Person-Shooter for me was Counter-Strike Source from which I would like to transfer the well known Game Mode “Bomb Defuse” to ShootMania.
In fact there’s already a game mode called “Sabotage” which basically covers what I will try to implement.

So why create another version of the game mode?
The author of Sabotage unfortunately doesn’t play ShootMania anymore and so the game mode script became old and doesn’t use all the beauty that’s possible in the meantime.
I think playing an updated and improved version of the game mode would be way more fun.

Why start all over again instead of simply improving the old script?
Well, the biggest reason: I like to do things on my own. Okay, I LOVE to do that.
Other than that the old script would have to be changed very much because of the differences in developing possibilities between when the script has been written (July 2012) and now.
That’s why I will start the Game Mode with a clean empty file.

You can’t trust code that you did not totally create yourself.

– Ken Thompson

So stay tuned for an exciting adventure of scripting and testing from 0 characters to probably more than 1000 lines of codes.
FYI: The current version of my SpeedBall Game Mode has 2284 lines. ;)


One thought on “Defusing Incoming!

  1. racer_simon

    Some time ago I also thought about creating an own version of Sabotage Game Mode, because I really do not like that everyone can plant the bomb.
    I just would like to have it as in Speedball, so that you can pass the bomb to your mates and that only the guy with the bomb can plant it. ^^
    Another thing of Sabotage I do not like is that commucation is less important than in Counter Strike because of all the information given in the HUD (e.g. the progress bar of the pole).
    And I thought it would be nice, if one can buy weapons/additional ammo like in Counter Strike, but this can be only realized in a TitlePack I guess. ;)
    Nah, I am just looking forward to your next post.
    I hope I can learn a lot from you. :)


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