A new World is awaiting us!

Let’s start the ride to our goal of creating a new game mode: Defusing!

As I mentioned I will begin with a clean new file, so I need that.
I simply create an empty text file in the folder Documents/ManiaPlanet/Scripts/Modes/ShootMania/ and will edit it from now on.

Pay attention to the name of the file as it has to end with ".Script.txt" to be considered a valid script file by the ManiaPlanet game.
I simply name my file "Defusing.Script.txt" as the game mode will be called “Defusing”.

The only thing I need to do in order to get an actually running script is adding 1 line of code:

#Extends "Modes/ShootMania/ModeBase.Script.txt"

This line says that I will use another script as base and my own script is only extending the other script.
The ModeBase.Script.txt is a script file that provided by Nadeo and is therefore included in the game itself.
Its structure is handy in order to create a clear and clean game mode script. You will see later why that is.

Now I can already run the script in the game!
SM Storm -> Multiplayer -> Create -> Choose the correct file via the “Script” field -> Hit “Launch” -> Choose any map of your choice -> Click on “Play”

There we are! Our Defusing-Script is running in the game and we just discover a new world (map).
Of course nothing happens so far as the ModeBase we’re extending is only a wrapper and doesn’t actually do anything actively within the match.
The result looks like that.

And the script like that: Defusing0.Script.txt

My next aim will be to let players be spawned in a team-based matter.

If you give someone a program, you will frustrate them for a day; if you teach them how to program, you will frustrate them for a lifetime.

– David Leinweber

So see you next time!

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