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It’s a Shooter!

While being able to move around is a great thing I’m still missing to be able to hit other players in order to get points and feel great!

The first thing I need are actual opponents.
In the pasts some friends of mine always helped me testing by playing my target or the subject of expriments. Even while creating the 1-line script of the previous posts they joined on my ingame server looking for discovering something new. There have been game modes that I created live while 3 of my friends where playing on my server waiting for new stuff. ;)
Shout-out to them. Thanks!

Of course they aren’t always available so I will need other targets. For that purpose bots come in handy.
There are some things you need to know about bots in ShootMania but I will cover that in another post.
For now I will simply add the following line to my script setting the desired number of bots:

Users_SetNbFakeUsers(2, 2);

With that each team has 2 bots that can be shot.
So far they don’t give points and they can’t even get eliminated though!

When a player performs actions like shooting or hitting other players events are risen. These events need to be handled and processed as by default they are ignored.
In the PlayLoop I will loop through these events and perform actions depending on the type of the events.
At this time only OnHit and OnArmorEmpty events are of interest.

An OnHit event means that a player has hit another player, I will give points based on the damage that was done by the hit. Pay attention that armor and damage is based on a ratio of 100. That means that the usual 2 armor/health you have in most game modes are actually 200 armor in the script.
That means I will divide the damage by 100 in order to get the amount of points I will grant for the hit.

Additionally I will “Discard” (ignore/destroy) events which cover self or team hits.
That’s possible by simply comparing the Shooter and the Victim of the events.

OnArmorEmpty events inform you that a player lost all of his armor, most of the times by being hit by another player but also by falling into OffZone.
If I would Discard these events the player couldn’t die.

Any valid event will be accepted by calling PassOn() with it as parameter. This will make the server process the event so that different actions will be executed. The Shooter will see +1 for each Damage dealt, the victim losing all of his armor will be eliminated and the event feed on the left hand side of the screen will get updated covering the activities that took place.

For managing the points of players I use the script “Score.Script.txt” by Nadeo that gives helpful functions, like summing up points of the current and previous rounds.
The Score object of a player has properties called Points and RoundPoints which are shown separately on the scoreboard. The function AddPoints() of the Score script adds the given amount of points to the RoundPoints.
You need to “inform” this script about the various moments in the game play like starts and ends of rounds because it can’t use the labels like our game mode script does. Currently the end round won’t be called because our round never ends, we will need to add more code in order implement correct rounds later.

What’s worth mentioning is that it’s needed to enable Rounds in the ModeBase in order to use the according labels (StartRound etc).

MB_UseSectionRound = True;

Please see the ModeBase script itself in order to learn more about the structure of it.

I will explain less and less about the script execution in the coming posts as it takes very much time and as it’s kind of boring for more experienced readers. Hopefully you will still be able to follow the development, don’t hesitate to ask if I missed explaining an important fact.

The current version of the script is available here: Defusing2.Script.txt

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

– Martin Golding

See you around!